Performance & Videoart


A two meter-tall square pillar made of mirrors is at the center of the exhibition space. Its sides are set up against the walls of the space in a 45 degree angle, the edges pointing towards the walls. A video is projected towards the pillar from the back. The video's reflection is broken and separated: the left half of the video is thus projected on the left wall and vice versa. If the viewer approaches the pillar close enough to see the left half with his left eye (and the right half with his right eye), the video is perceived stereoscopically.
The video pictures me shoveling sand in two mirrors facing each other. Seemingly out of nothing a symmetrical pile of sand is erected between the mirrors. The reflection serves both as a separating and linking element. In the video the reflection on the middle-axis is a digital effect as well as a separation between cause and effect. The viewer does not see the sand flying from shovel to pile. Yet, a single heap of sand rises at the center of the picture. In the exhibition space the reflection on the forefront of the pillar functions as a joint – creating one solitary stereoscope video.