Performance & Videoart

Installation, 2016

This is a classic video installation. Mirror images of two CRT monitors make for a 3D-video projected on a glass pillar. The spatio-temporal reflection creates the illusion of looking at drinking glasses and a jet of water. Similar to a holography the objects appear to be floating freely in the room. In an endless loop the water flies back and forth between the glasses in a curved spurt. Meanwhile the tumblers mutually fill and empty. This sensation is due to a spatial mirroring on the vertical central axis as well as to the chronological inversion of the image halves.
Standing close to the pillar three-dimensionality accrues from the viewer seeing the reflection of the left monitor with the right eye and the reflection of the right monitor with the left eye. Both videos are perspectively shifted for the length of viewing distance. The burbling sound of water is played to and fro through the panes of the glass pillar – synchronously to the 3D-video.