Performance & Videoart


Videoperformance, 2006

The video performance SCOMP (Sound Controlled Motion Pictures) arose out of a cooperation between Kilian Kretschmer and Thorsten Schwanninger. It tells the story of a drummer who arrives on stage on time for his act in the last possible moment. Kilian Kretschmer sits at the drums on a small stage in front of a giant screen, onto which a video of Thorsten Schwanninger is projected as he sprints along the street, drumsticks in hand. The video is steered via a computer interface so that with each new drumbeat, the video progresses by exactly one frame. The faster I drum therefore, the faster Thorsten runs across the screen. By connecting the forward movement of the video frames to the rhythm of the drum, SCOMP succeeds in creating an accustomed synchronization of real and virtual time.