Performance & Videoart

Videoperformance, 2011

In a film, I throw a liter of frozen milk through a glass door into a room, walk through the broken glass, and place the block of frozen milk into a bucket to melt. This film is projected from inside the same room onto a replacement door pane. Initially, the projection is barely visible on the glass. From outside the room, I heave the bucket of melted milk in sync with the film onto the door pane. Abruptly, a projection surface forms, upon which, with the impact, I can equally suddenly be seen smashing in the pane in the film.
I proceed to enter the doorway and position the bucket in the same spot it stood in the film, creating the impression of having placed the frozen milk from the film just prior to the close of the performance next to that melting in the real bucket. The viewer is challenged to decipher the various overlapping layers of the performance as they unfold simultaneously in a matter of seconds. As the viewer unravels the course of events, the two coherent, synchronized happenings, brought together in time, crystallize and connect the divide between reality and imagination.